The Ultimate Guide to Your Boulder Elopement

Are you thinking about planning an elopement near Boulder, Colorado? This guide has everything you need to know, including amazing elopement locations, Boulder elopement packages, and lots more!

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5 reasons why Boulder, Colorado is a great place to elope

  1. The beautiful scenery is definitely one of the best things about eloping in Boulder! There are so many amazing locations with mountain views, lakes, lush greenery, or even red rocks! Check out some of the many places to elope in Boulder listed below.
  2. Many locations are very accessible, including in the winter. If you’re nervous about having a winter elopement in Colorado because of unpredictable access issues in the mountains, Boulder is a great place to consider eloping!
  3. Boulder has many dog-friendly locations if you’re planning to have a dog-friendly elopement.
  4. If you’re coming from out of state, travel will be easy! Denver International Airport is less than 1 hour from Boulder, CO. 
  5. Restaurants, bars, shopping, activities, and more! Boulder has lots of fun things to do to keep you and any friends or family entertained.

Best places to elope in Boulder, Colorado

Sunrise Amphitheater

The Sunrise Amphitheater is a location that you can reserve through Boulder Open Space and Mountain Parks here. The views are great from this location, and because you can reserve it, you are guaranteed privacy! 

You can reserve this spot for either one hour or 3 hours, and the cost varies depending on whether you are a resident of Boulder or not. The fee for one hour is $100 for residents of Boulder and $150 for non-residents. The fee for 3 hours is $300 for residents and $400 for non-residents.

Lost Gulch Overlook (for photos)

Lost Gulch overlook is a very popular location just outside of Boulder with breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains. While it is located right off of the Flagstaff road parking area, this spot is very rocky so it’s not ADA accessible. Due to its popularity, I recommend going at around sunrise if possible.

While Boulder OSMP does not allow a ceremony to be held at Lost Gulch Overlook, you can get some amazing photos here after saying your vows at a nearby location!

Groom helping his bride climb up rocks in Boulder Colorado

Brainard Lake

Brainard Lake is one of the most popular recreation areas near Boulder. It is located west of Boulder, near Ward, Colorado. There are some beautiful lakes that you can hike to, in addition to Brainard Lake itself which is an accessible location. Entry fees are $12 per vehicle.

A couple of things to note about this location however. First, because of the popularity of this location, I only recommend it for elopements or microweddings with just a few guests. I also highly recommend going on a weekday. 

Also, note that the road up to the main recreation area at Brainard Lake  is closed during the winter months, which can start in October and last until late June sometimes! In the winter, you can hike or snowshoe in (depending on conditions) from the lower gate, which is about 5 miles round trip to Brainard Lake.

Shore of Brainard Lake one of the best places to elope in Boulder Colorado

Chautauqua Park Elopement

Chautauqua Park was named a National Historic Landmark in 2006 and is a very popular place to visit in Boulder due to its beautiful views of the Flatiron Mountains.

Chautauqua Green is a great setting for small weddings of less than 50 people. You can find more information on how to reserve this site here. You’ll need to make the reservation through the City of Boulder.

You can also explore the trails in the area for more beautiful spots!

Parking gets crowded at this location, so if you have a larger group, consider carpooling or taking an Uber/Lyft!

Groom looking at his smiling bride as she waves her dress in a field in Chautauqua Park in Boulder, Colorado

Boulder Reservoir

Boulder Reservoir is a beautiful and accessible location with a lake and some mountain views in the distance. I recommend checking out the northern shoreline near Coot Lake for the best views. Dogs are allowed at this location, and there are great sunset views here!

Boulder reservoir shoreline with Flatirons in the background on a partly cloudy day


Other fun idea to consider for your elopement would be to rent an Airbnb or VRBO with epic views. There are some properties with great views throughout the Boulder area. If both privacy and accessibility are important to you, renting a private property is a great choice!

Check out this post for more information on Colorado Airbnb elopements and microweddings, including event friendly properties!

Talk to your elopement photographer about more hidden elopement gems around Boulder, Colorado

I also always recommend talking to your photographer about finding a location. Most of the popular locations, while very beautiful, will also be crowded. Elopement photographers spend a lot of time scouting locations and can help you find those more private, hidden gems. 

Choosing when to elope in Boulder


Boulder, Colorado is a great place to elope at any time of year. 

Although there are great location options all year round, it’s good to keep in mind that some locations are only easily accessible in the summer (e.g., Brainard Lake). Weather conditions can also vary significantly from day to day (especially in the Fall, Winter, and Spring), and conditions can also vary significantly between lower elevations and higher ones. Talking with a local or locally-based professional can help you get a better understanding of what to expect for your chosen location.

During the summer, the mornings and evenings in Boulder are pleasant, although it can get quite warm during the day. The summer also tends to see lots of afternoon storms.

The spring and fall in Boulder are not as hot during the day but the weather and temperatures can be more unpredictable. Every year is a little different as to exactly when the seasons start to change. It can snow as late as May or even June on occasion in Boulder.

In the winter, Boulder does get snow, although it tends to melt quickly in the lower lying areas which can make for more days of pleasant outdoor excursions. March tends to be the snowiest month of the year! 

LGBT couple embracing each other and kissing on wedding day while the snow falls in Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado


Because of the popularity of many Boulder locations, I always recommend a weekday elopement if at all possible. It will offer you significantly less crowds and more privacy than a weekend elopement.

Time of day

Equally as important as choosing a weekday elopement over a weekend elopement, is choosing a time of day that will offer you the best chance of privacy. 

Early mornings are by far the best time to elope if seclusion is important to you. If you can’t make a morning elopement work for you two, evenings are generally the next best time. 

Best places to stay for your Boulder elopement

Best Boulder hotels

Where to have your Boulder elopement reception

Here are a few different options you have for celebrating your Boulder elopement, whether that be just the two of you or with others.


A picnic at a local pavilion is always a great option for celebrating your elopement. 

If you’re planning to celebrate your elopement with friends and family, Boulder OSMP has several pavilions that you can reserve.

Couple eloping in Colorado with mountain views and pine trees in the distance at sunset


Another option would be to make a reservation at a nearby restaurant for your reception. Many restaurants have a private event space option. You could also consider having your reception at a nearby distillery or craft brewery!

Private Chef or Catering

Finally, if you love good food but want more privacy to celebrate your marriage, consider hiring a local private chef or ordering catering in from a local caterer or restaurant. This is a great option if you’re renting an Airbnb or VRBO in the area.

Nearby hikes for your Boulder Colorado elopement

One of the best things about eloping in Colorado is the opportunity to add in a little adventure! Maybe you’re interested in having a hiking wedding or maybe you just want to have some extra fun on another day during your visit to Colorado. Either way, there are a ton of great hiking options near Boulder! Here are a few:

Couple eloping at Lost Gulch Lookout location in Colorado

Boulder elopement photography packages

I’m more than just a photographer…I’m here to help you have the best day ever!

Based on my experience, especially with elopements and microweddings, couples need more than just a photographer.

Unlike with a traditional wedding, you may not have a venue coordinator or wedding planner helping you think through logistics, locations, or all the little details that really add up!

But here are just a few of the ways I can help you, all included with my custom elopements:

  • Elopement & Micro wedding VIP Planning Guide exclusively for Wild and Found couples
  • Questionnaires to help you through the planning process
  • Personalized location assistance
  • Local vendor recommendations
  • Logistics help and a custom timeline
  • Gear and day-of checklists customized for your day
  • More one-on-one planning help

I don’t just show up and take photos on your day. I’ll be here for you every step of the way. 

I know you have a lot of choices when it comes to picking a photographer. What makes me different is that my number one goal is to be here for YOU–not just as your elopement photographer… but as your adventure partner, friend, and guide to the epic day your love story deserves!

The Ultimate Full Day Custom Boulder Elopement Package

The best choice for capturing memories of your entire elopement day, from getting ready through celebrating with friends and family.

Includes 12 hours of photo coverage.

Personalized assistance with locations, local vendor recommendations, custom planning tools, checklists, and more. I’ll be there to help you every step of the way.

You get an entire gallery of edited, high-resolution images great for printing, PLUS websize images ideal for posting to social media.

Includes the rights to print, share, and download all of your images.

Travel included!


8 Hour Custom Boulder Elopement Package

Best suited for covering the highlight moments of your elopement day.

Includes 8 hours of photo coverage.

Personalized assistance with locations, local vendor recommendations, custom planning tools, checklists, and more. I’ll be there to help you every step of the way.

You get an entire gallery of edited, high-resolution images great for printing, PLUS websize images ideal for posting to social media.

Includes the rights to print, share, and download all of your images.

Travel included!


4 Hour Custom Boulder Elopement Package

A great choice for simple elopements at accessible locations.

Includes 4 hours of photo coverage.

Personalized assistance with locations, local vendor recommendations, custom planning tools, checklists, and more. I’ll be there to help you every step of the way.

You get an entire gallery of edited, high-resolution images great for printing, PLUS websize images ideal for posting to social media.

Includes the rights to print, share, and download all of your images.

Travel included!


Are you planning a Boulder elopement or microwedding?

I’m more than just a photographer. Helping couples create their dream day is what I do best!

Get in touch with the contact form below and let’s chat about your vision!

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