Instagram Worthy Colorado Airbnbs & VRBOs for your Wedding or Elopement

Find a Colorado Airbnb or VRBO wedding or elopement venue from this list of incredible, jaw-dropping properties. Plus, learn everything you need to know about having your microwedding or elopement at an Airbnb with this complete guide.

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8 Reasons why you should have your Colorado microwedding or elopement at an Airbnb or VRBO

More and more couples are considering alternatives to big, traditional weddings these days!

Whether that be eloping on the top of a mountain or getting married at a private rental home, there are really a lot of options once you start to think outside the box a little bit. 

Here are my top 8 reasons to consider getting married at an Airbnb or VRBO!

  1. COVID-19 ruined your original wedding plans. If you were planning to get married in 2020 (or maybe even 2021…yikes!) but COVID-19 ruined your original wedding plans, you may still be able to have a smaller wedding celebration at a private rental home.
  1. A unique wedding venue. There are some truly unique and fun properties on Airbnb once you start to dig in. Check out my list below for a few examples!
  1. Double duty as your hotel and venue. You’ll hit two birds with one stone by having both a place to stay and a venue for your ceremony or reception when you have an Airbnb wedding.
  1. All your friends and family can stay together. When you rent a large property, you can extend the celebration with your friends and family by all staying there together!
  1. Built-in backup plan for inclement weather. This one is huge, since Colorado weather can change at the drop of a hat! When you have your wedding at an Airbnb, you have a built in backup plan for bringing the wedding inside.
  1. All the amenities of being at home. When you get married at an Airbnb, it’s almost like being at home. You have a kitchen right there, your getting ready area, and a cozy place to celebrate with friends and family.
  1. Separate getting ready rooms. Another great facet of an Airbnb elopement or wedding is that you’ll have separate getting ready areas for the bride and groom in the same location.
  1. Reception options. Last but not least, you have some great options for a reception or celebration, including ordering catering from a restaurant, hiring a private chef, or having a more casual potluck or BBQ style dinner after the ceremony!

What you need to know before booking an Airbnb or VRBO wedding venue!

UPDATE: As of August 20, 2020, Airbnb updated their policies to strictly limit guests at all properties to 16 people in the interest of public health (for reservations made after 8/20/20). For this reason I recommend checking out properties on VRBO instead for larger groups.

An important reminder about using an Airbnb or VRBO as your wedding venue or elopement location:

Always contact the owner and get approval for your specific plans with them BEFORE booking the property.

You can message the owners, and get confirmation (in writing) from them quickly and easily!

This is a very important step, regardless of what the listing says, because rules can change at any time! Also, some properties have additional costs associated with hosting events, and you’ll probably want to know about this upfront. The last thing you want is to put money down on a property, and then be surprised to learn that your wedding won’t be allowed at the location after all.

Also, make sure to read all the rules on the property listing very carefully before booking. If there are rules, such as quiet hours or pet restrictions, you’ll also want to be aware of these to make sure they match your needs!

Airbnb or VRBO Elopements

The properties I’ve included in my list below are those that don’t have a restriction on parties or events (at the time this was written). 

But if you’re planning for your elopement day to just be the two of you and the photographer, or just one or two guests, you might find you have more flexibility, even if the rules disallow parties. 

Many property owners are okay with having a very small elopement at their home, as opposed to one with 20 to 30 guests or more, because it is less risky for them. So if you find a property you really like that says “no parties or events,” it may still be worth messaging the owner to ask about your plans.

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How to find an Airbnb or VRBO for your wedding

When looking for a property to use as your wedding venue or elopement location, the first thing to check is whether the property has a rule against “Parties or events.”

Airbnb used to have a search filter to be able to easily find such properties, but unfortunately they removed this. VRBO still does have a filter where you can search for properties that allow events, so I usually recommend starting with VRBO.

Colorado Airbnb/VRBO Wedding Venues

Here are just a few of my favorite properties I’ve found that would make a great location for a wedding or elopement!

UPDATE: As of August 20, 2020, Airbnb updated their policies to strictly limit guests at all properties to 16 people in the interest of public health (for reservations made after 8/20/20). Because of this, I have updated the properties below to only include VRBO properties which still allow events (at the time this was written).

*****IMPORTANT NOTE: Remember to always confirm your specific plans for hosting a wedding or elopement with the owner BEFORE booking the Airbnb! Policies can change at any time or extra fees could apply for the event.

Photos above from VRBO listings.

Summer 2021 Colorado Mini Elopement Special

1 Hour for ceremony and photos

Private property patio venue

Mountain views!

45 minutes from Denver

For the couple and up to 5 guests

Get all the info here!

More tips for your choosing a Colorado Airbnb for your Wedding or Elopement

When considering a property, there are a number of questions you’ll want to ask yourself about the property to make sure it’s a good fit for your needs. 

  • Is the location of the Airbnb a good fit for my needs?
    • If the ceremony is in another location, is the Airbnb nearby?
    • Are there local vendors in the area, such as florists, hair and makeup artists, officiants, etc.?
    • Are there restaurants or grocery stores nearby for supplies and food for a reception or celebration?
    • Are there hiking areas or other activities nearby that fit my needs?
  • Is there sufficient parking at the Airbnb for us, the vendors, and any guests?
  • Does the Airbnb have good natural lighting for photos?
  • Does the decor and vibe fit what I’m looking for on my wedding day?
  • Are there any noise ordinances or neighboring houses nearby that I need to be aware of?
  • Are the reviews good for the Airbnb? Always check these before booking!
DIY elopement bouquet with white flowers sitting on a wooden table

Airbnb Wedding FAQ

Can you have a small wedding at an Airbnb?

Yes, you can have a wedding at an Airbnb, as long as the property owners allow events! You can check this in the rules of the property, but it’s always a good idea to contact the owners before booking.

Can you have a wedding at a VRBO?

Yes, many VRBO properties allow weddings, but you’ll want to check that the rules of the property state that events are allowed. It’s also a good idea to contact the owners to confirm your plans before booking.

How do I rent an Airbnb for a wedding?

First, find a property that allows parties or events, and confirm your plans with the owner before booking. Then, book the property as you normally would book a rental. It’s a good idea to rent the property for at least the day before through the day after your event.

How can I have an amazing wedding without a venue? 

There are so many unique and fun ways to have an amazing wedding without paying exorbitant venue fees. You just have to think outside the box a little bit. One of my favorite ways is to rent a beautiful Airbnb or VRBO for your wedding.

Are you planning an elopement or microwedding?

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