Colorado Winter Proposals

Planning a Colorado winter proposal? Check out this post for inspiration, plus tips for proposing in the winter!

Colorado winter proposal tips

  • Have backup plans in place, so you can be flexible on both date and location. I recommend booking multiple days if you have a trip planned, and if you’re planning for an outdoor proposal, consider having an indoor backup plan.
  • Do your location research (or work with a proposal professional!) and know that many locations in Colorado become inaccessible in the winter.
  • Make sure you have the right winter gear (more on that below!)
  • Check AllTrails the day before your proposal for the latest trail conditions if you’re going to be out on the trails.
Couple cuddles up in front of a frozen lake in Colorado with snowy mountains in the background during their winter elopement
  • Consider an outdoor activity, such as snowmobiling, skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing, hiking, or a winter picnic!
  • Know that although some locations will be less crowded, in other locations this is the busiest time of year! This is typically true of ski towns, such as Breckenridge, Vail, Aspen, etc.

Colorado winter weather: What to expect!

Winter weather here in Colorado can vary significantly by month, by year, and even by location.

One of the first factors to consider with winter weather is what elevation you’ll be at. For example, the winter weather in Denver which is at around 5,000 feet elevation is going to be significantly different from the weather in Breckenridge, Colorado, which varies between 9,600 and 12,000+ feet elevation. Also in the mountains, if you’re on an exposed mountain top, you’re going to be subject to much more intense wind than at lower elevations or down in the trees.

Another factor to consider is what month of the winter you’re planning your proposal. Temperatures start to drop across the state in September and October, and there is a potential for snow during these months, but there’s also a very considerable potential for warmer weather too.

You start to see more snowy weather as the months go on, but this varies significantly by year. If you absolutely want snow for your proposal, I wouldn’t recommend planning anything earlier than January.

January through March are going to be the best options for snow in the mountains, with March generally being the snowiest month of the year here. And while April and May might be spring in other parts of the country, the weather here in Colorado is still quite varied and often feels just like winter in the mountains.

Although no guarantees for weather can be made, it helps to consult with a local professional to help figure out what time of the year will be best for you.

Extra layers & gear for winter in Colorado

Regardless of whether you’re planning to do a winter activity or just be outside, it’s important to be completely prepared with the appropriate clothing layers and gear.

In my experience as a proposal photographer, having the right layers or gear is what makes or breaks a couple’s experience more than any single other factor on their day, hands down. I truly can’t emphasize enough how important this is. It’s always better to have more layers and not need them, than to not have enough layers with you.

The basics of layering

Winter layering is done in three parts: 1) a base layer, 2) a mid layer, and 3) an outer layer.

The base layer helps keep you dry by wicking moisture from your skin. You want to wear something that is quick drying such as wool. Cotton is definitely a no-go! The middle layer insulates you and keeps you warm. The outer layer, or shell layer, keeps the moisture out and helps shield you from wind also. You can learn more about layering here.

Some examples for each type can be found here:

Other gear items

In addition to your clothes, you’re going to want to make sure you have the appropriate winter accessories to keep warm, including items such as:

Colorado winter proposals

Snowy winter proposal picnic

Post-snowmobile proposal engagement session

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