A Complete Guide to Your Denver Couples Photography Session

Are you thinking about a couples photography session in the Denver area? This guide has everything you need to know!

How does a couples photography session work? What should I know?

A couples photography session is basically where you and your partner get your photos taken by a professional photographer

It’s typically similar to an engagement session where you are dressed more casually than you would be for a wedding or elopement. 

It might be a couples session for a particular event, such as engagement photos. Or it could be just an adventurous photo session because you’re on a trip here in Denver or the Colorado area and want something special by which to remember your trip.

Read on for more information about what you should know for your couples photo session!

Frequently Asked Questions about Denver Couples Sessions

When should I do a couples photo session?

A couples session is great for any number of occasions. For example:

  • A romantic date idea. When I work with couples, I always try to help them connect better with one another throughout the session. It’s the perfect opportunity to walk down memory lane together, as well as create a new experience and memory that you’ll have photos of forever.
  • Engagement photos. As I mentioned previously, most couples that are engaged will do a couples session to celebrate the occasion. This session also serves to get photos done for their Save The Date cards, as well as photos to frame and decorate their reception with.
  • Traveling to a new area. If you’re traveling to the Denver or Colorado area, it can be fun to explore a new location and get amazing pictures of you and your partner while you’re there.
  • Recently married or celebrating an anniversary. Perhaps you recently got married but felt there wasn’t enough “just us” time on your wedding day, or maybe it rained and you missed those amazing sunset photos. A couples session can be a great way to get those photos or the experience you missed.
  • Just because! Of course you really don’t need a reason to get photos done if you just want to get them done!

What should I wear?

This varies significantly from couple to couple!

Some couples want to look more dressed up for their photos, so they’ll choose outfits that are a bit more fancy. Other couples want something more casual–especially if this is more reflective of their personal style.

Also, if you’re doing an activity, such as a hike for your couples session, this may dictate what you wear. However, you do have the option of changing at the end if your hike if you prefer.

If you are having your session during the colder months, at a higher elevation, or in the early morning or late evening hours, plan to bring layers and warm accessories like gloves, hats, and even hand warmers. There are some locations, such as mountain passes, where it is easily 20 to 30 degrees in the early mornings even in August!

It’s a good idea to ask your photographer if they have any recommendations on colors or styles, based on your location and what time of day you’re having your photo session. Photographers have seen it all, so we can help you with what will work best. Make sure you share your personal preferences and what direction you’re leaning to help us tailor the advice to you personally!

My biggest recommendation though is to choose something that just “feels like you.” These photos are ones that you’ll have and probably be looking at for a long time. So it’s important that you feel both comfortable AND confident in what you’re wearing–it will show up in the photos for sure!

Still want more guidance on this? Check out this guide to what to wear for an engagement session from Brides.com.

How do I choose a location?

I highly recommend working with a local photographer to choose your photo session location. There are way too many variables that come into play for a one-size-fits-all answer to that question. 

Local photographers will know the area best and can make a recommendation for your Denver area couples session.

For example, some factors I consider are:

  • What time of year will the session be and what locations are accessible?
  • How does the couple do with cold or warm temperatures?
  • Does the couple want to hike or do anything adventurous, or do they want a location that is easily accessible from the parking lot?
  • Do we have time to get the photo permit needed at a given location?
  • Is privacy important for the session?
  • How far are is the couple willing to drive to a certain location?
  • What type of scenery does the couple prefer?

These are just a few examples. I go into a lot more detail with every couple I work with while planning your session.

Can I do something adventurous?

Absolutely! There are tons of options if you want to do an adventurous couples session.

Here are a few ideas:

Get in touch and we can chat more about what activities are available in the area you want to do your couples session!

Can you do star photos or Milky Way photos for my couples session?

Absolutely! This is my favorite type of couples photography, and I love to work with couples to create these really special photos.

It’s important to know a few things about this type of starry night photography.

This type of session is very different than a traditional couples session. You’ll want someone experienced with this who can walk you through all the nuances.

Here are a few things you need to know about if you’re interested in doing star photos:

  • Obviously for star photos, you have to be out at night! These late night or early morning photo sessions aren’t a great fit for every couple because of this. 
  • To see the stars, you have to go to a location where there is not much light pollution. Luckily, I know of several of these spots that are 1 to 1.5 hours from Denver.
  • Finally, you still have to get lucky with the weather. Clouds can obstruct the stars and sometimes cloud cover changes very quickly! This is truly impossible to predict in advance.

As you can see, there is a lot of planning involved with star photos–especially Milky Way photos–that doesn’t happen with regular couples sessions.

But if you’re down for the adventure–reach out! I’d love to help you create some amazing photos together!

Denver Couples Photography Sessions with Wild and Found Photography

All of my couples sessions include:

  • Up to one hour of photo coverage at an accessible location within 90 miles of Denver, Colorado (sessions outside of this area + hiking/adventure sessions are available on a custom basis)
  • Unlimited outfit changes during your session (although I don’t recommend more than two outfits during a one hour session since this takes up photo time!)
  • Personalized assistance with finding your perfect location for your session.
  • Includes the cost of photography permits where needed.
  • An entire gallery of edited, high-resolution images great for printing, PLUS websize images ideal for posting to social media.
  • The rights to print, share, and download all of your images.

Contact for current pricing

Please note that couples photo sessions cannot be used for elopements, wedding ceremonies, etc. Your wedding day deserves so much more than that!

Inspiration for Denver Couples Photography Sessions

“Kim was incredible to work with! She was adventurous enough to meet my fiance and I at 6am in the Rockies to get an engagement session with natural lighting from the morning sun. We spent hours hiking the mountain while she gave us occasional direction for some spectacular shots. The entire session felt effortless! We had a blast, laughing the entire time. Shortly after, we received the photos and OMG! We were blown away!!! Kim has such a natural eye for photography. We were looking for “trail running photos” and she was spot on! Kim took the time to get to know us and helped to show our personalities in the photos. We are so happy to have worked with her and would love to do so again soon 🙂 I HIGHLY recommend Wild and Found for your elopement photos!”

-Kellie & Will

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Are you planning a couples photography session in the Denver or Colorado area?

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