How to Create a DIY Dog Flower Collar for Your Wedding

Your dog will be the best dressed pup at your wedding or elopement with this easy DIY tutorial for a flower collar!

Fluffy rottweiler mix dog wearing a flower collar for wedding

Updated: April 18, 2023

Making a flower crown or collar for your dog is one of many adorable ways to include your dog in your wedding or elopement!

You’ve probably seen these all over Pinterest, and just died at how cute they are. 

I know I did, and I just had to make one for my pup. I was so happy with how it turned out, I thought I would put together a tutorial and share this with you all.

This tutorial can be used to make either a flower crown or a flower collar, whichever you think will work best for your pup! 

Flower collar DIY Tutorial

Time needed: 1 hour and 30 minutes

How to make your dog a DIY flower crown or collar for your wedding

  1. Gather your supplies:

    The supplies you will need for this DIY tutorial include:

    Florals, either real flowers or from a craft store; It’s good to choose a mix of smaller flowers and some accent flowers, but you can also create accent flowers with your use of color choice, like I did with the mostly white or soft pink flowers accented with darker pink flowers. Don’t forget to add some greenery as well! You can check out some of my favorite crafting flowers and greenery here on Etsy.
    Floral tape
    Wire cutters
    Vine wrapped rustic wire (or craft wire)
    Super glue (optional)

    Flower crown and craft supplies including floral tape ribbon super glue craft wire and flowers

  2. Measure and cut your wire for the base loop

    It should be long enough to comfortably fit around your dog’s neck twice, as we’re going to double up the wire for extra stability. Make sure it’s not too tight or too loose!

    A long piece of vine covered craft wire and a pair of wire cutters laying on a wood table

  3. Make a circular base for your floral crown/collar.

    First, we’re going to fold the wire in half. At the halfway point bend, twist the wire to make a small loop. This will hold the ribbons on one side of the circular base.

    Measure again on your dog to find the place on the other end of the wire where you want to make the second loop. Then fold the loose wire ends over and wrap them around them to make a small loop on the other side. This will hold the ribbons on the other side of the circular base.

    Wire cutters and vine covered craft wire in a loop

  4. Add your flowers with floral tape

    Start on one side of the circular base and add one stem of flowers at a time using the floral tape. Mix up large and small flowers, as well as different colors, if you’d like. Make your way from one side to the other.

    Hands attaching a white flower to craft wire using green floral tape

  5. Secure loose ends with super glue (optional)

    If your floral tape isn’t very sticky, you may have some loose ends. If you wish, you can secure them with super glue. This will be on the inside portion of the flower collar, so it won’t be visible when the dog wears it.

    Close up detail of flower crown with pink and white flowers secured using green floral tape

  6. Add ribbons to the loops of your circular base

    Tie a piece of ribbon around each of the loops so you can tie the flower collar around your dog’s neck.

    Close up view of pink ribbons tied to a flower crown

  7. Try it on your dog and admire your work!

    You’re all done! Admire how adorable your dog looks with his or her new wedding accessory!

    Pink and white flower collar tied around black dog's neck with a ribbon tied in a bow

The finished product!

Pink and white flower crown with green leaves

Rather purchase a pre-made dog flower collar?

Check out more of my favorite floral dog collars on Etsy here!

Pictures above from Etsy.

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Step by step tutorial on creating a flower collar for your dog for your wedding
Fluffy rottweiler mix dog wearing a pink and white flower collar

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