Dubsado Pricing and Coupon Codes, Plus a Complete Dubsado Review

This post breaks down pricing for Dubsado and has the latest and best available coupon code. Plus a complete review of Dubsado.

What is Dubsado?

Dubsado is a “CRM” software, which stands for Customer Relationship Management software. Dubsado specifically focuses on small businesses, mostly creatives like photographers or artists, but also on professionals like bookkeepers or legal professionals.

Generally speaking, CRMs are meant to help you manage your customer or client workflows, from start to finish. Imagine trying to manually keep track of what is going on with every client. It would be nearly impossible not to drop the ball on a client eventually. 

That’s why companies, both small and large alike, use CRM tools to help them create workflows and follow them through their clients’ life cycles. 

An example of Dubsado

If that is a bit confusing to you, here’s an example of how I use Dubsado for every single client or potential client I work with. 

First, I use Dubsado’s contact forms to track new leads by embedding the contact form on my website. The new lead’s information gets automatically imported into Dubsado, where I can start to work with them. I have lots of email templates I have created within Dubsado for any given situation. 

Also within Dubsado, I have various contracts set up for different types of clients. Dubsado lets you create an online portal for each client, including passwords. Clients can electronically sign their contracts within that portal, so it’s easy for them to book. I can also set up invoices directly in Dubsado, which clients can easily pay through the same client portal.

Another handy feature is the calendar scheduling tool, which allows me to give leads or clients a link to my calendar to schedule a call or meeting.

There are even more tools available, but you can see how this type of software makes running your business so much easier. 

How much does Dubsado cost?

If you read the example I gave above, you can see how much easier this makes a small business owner’s life when it comes to running their day-to-day operations. It’s so nice that all of these things are in one place. 

Honestly, for the amount of work this software saves you, the price is very reasonable.

And on top of that, when you consider how this helps to keep you from dropping any balls on client projects (meaning your clients stay happy), it really is a no-brainer.

There are two types of plans with Dubsado: the Starter Plan and the Premier Plan. The Starter Plan has many of the features a small business owner would need, but the Premier plan would definitely work better for some. You can use the table below to easily compare the features.

You can choose to pay either annually or monthly, but you’ll save about 15% if you pay annually. The Starter Plan is $200 per year, or $20 per month. The Premier Plan is $400 per year or $40 per month. 

CostStarter PlanPremier Plan
Monthly Cost (2022)$200$400
Annual Cost (2022)$20$40
FeaturesStarter PlanPremier Plan
Unlimited Projects and ClientsYesYes
Invoicing & Payment PlansYesYes
Form & Email TemplatesYesYes
Automated WorkflowsYes
Public ProposalsYes
Multiple Lead Captures at OnceYes
Zapier IntegrationYes

Dubsado Coupon Code

Now the good stuff! There are a lot of outdated coupon codes for Dubsado out there, so here is the latest and greatest one.

Use this link and you can get 20% off either your first month or first year!

(Whether you get 20% off your first month or year depends on whether you choose monthly or annual billing, which another great reason to bill annually–you’ll save even more!).

A Dubsado review: Is it worth it?

Overall, I think Dubsado is well worth the cost. It has a ton of features that I use with every client or lead, and it’s much easier than trying to manage those things on different platforms.

Dubsado Features

Here are the main Dubsado features that are available:

  • Lead Capture Forms (i.e., contact forms that can be embedded on a website)
  • Client Portals with passwords
  • Questionnaires for clients 
  • Contracts with electronic signatures (If you have two parties as your clients, such as a couple for wedding photographers, both parties can sign. This feature is not available in all CRMs)
  • Invoicing and payments directly within client portals
  • Payment schedules for invoices and the ability to send payment reminders
  • Ability to upload files to client portal
  • Setting up workflows with automatic reminders
  • Email templates
  • Tracking of leads vs. booked clients separately, including various stages for each
  • Calendar appointment scheduling tool
  • Input your own branding with colors and logos for the client-side of the system
  • Responsive customer service (an overlooked but very important feature!)
  • Mobile friendly

What makes Dubsado great

Overall, I find Dubsado to be the most affordable CRM on the market that does the most work for me. 

Although it does take a bit of exploring at first (as with any new software), the user interface is pretty self explanatory and easy to use and set up.

I also find that it looks very professional on the client side and is easy to use for clients. As an example, Honeybook requires clients to login to respond to emails, which of course many people would find annoying. In Dubsado, your email just shows up like a regular email in the client’s inbox. But they can also log in to their portal and see emails there as well, along with their contracts, invoices, and any upcoming meetings or calls.

Finally, I have also found their customer service to be quick to respond in the past when I have had questions. 

Drawbacks with Dubsado

There is really only one drawback that I have found working in Dubsado. And that is if you set up email templates and include them with your workflows, the emails will only get sent to the primary client contact on the account.

You have to manually create a new email if you want to add multiple recipients. If you frequently work with projects that have more than one client contact, this can be a bit of a headache.

Dubsado Integrations

One of the reasons that I love Dubsado is that it integrates with more useful and popular platforms than most other CRM tools I have looked at. The main integrations options are:

  • Xero
  • CloudSpot

It’s also worth noting that in Dubsado your clients can pay their invoices directly via PayPal, so I consider this to be an integration option as well.

How to get started!

First things first, you’ll need to create an account. If you use the link below, you can get 20% off your plan for the first year.

Sign up for Dubsado with this link and you can get 20% off either your first month or first year!

After you’ve signed up, I recommend checking out Dubsado’s blog. They have lots of great articles to help get you started with the basics, like where to start, setting up workflows, and more. Here are a few favorites:

5 Tips for new Dubsado users

What to set up first in Dubsado

The 5 different types of forms in Dubsado

How to: Create workflows


Is Dubsado a good CRM?

Yes! Dubsado is one of the top CRMs out there for small businesses, especially creatives. It has lots of tools you’ll need to manage clients and projects including lead tracking, workflows, automated emails, contracts and invoices, and more!

Is Dubsado good for teams?

Yes, Dubsado is a great option for teams! The default plans include 3 users, but as your company grows you can upgrade your plan to increase the number of user options.

What can Dubsado do?

Dubsado is a multi-faceted platform that allows you to manage your client projects all in one place. You can do things like create contact forms, track leads, send contracts and invoices, create workflows with automatic reminders, prepare email templates and client questionnaires, and lots more.

Does Dubsado charge fees?

Dubsado charges an annual fee but does not charge any additional fees such as a percent of bookings like some other CRM platforms. Dubsado’s annual fee is either $200 or $400 per year depending on which plan you choose.

How long is the free trial for Dubsado?

Dubsado has a free trial offer which lasts for an unlimited amount of time but only allows you to add 3 clients. It’s a great way to test whether this system would work well for you.

Does Dubsado integrate with Quickbooks?

Yes! Dubsado integrates with Quickbooks which makes your life even easier when it comes to doing the accounting for your business.

Do you have questions about Dubsado? Leave a comment below!

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