Photographer Resources

Photographers are creatives at heart.

Which means sometimes the business aspects don’t come as naturally, or just aren’t as much fun!

The resources here are meant to help you with those aspects of your business, so you can spend less time figuring out things like financial tools, software, or gear problems, and more time out taking photos with clients!

Best Banks for your Photography Business

Are you just starting your photography business and need to find the best bank to open an account with? Or maybe you are looking to switch banks.

Either way, this list has got you covered with the best banks for a photography business.

Plus how and why you should open a separate business bank account.

His and Hers Vow books, three pearl bracelets, a bottle of Chloe perfume, and some greenery sitting on a table

Client Gifts for Photographers: A Complete Guide

If you’re considering gifts for your photography clients, you’ll definitely want to check out this guide!

It covers why client gifts can be a great investment for your business and when to give client gifts.

Plus, lots of ideas to help you find the perfect client gift!

Stay tuned…more resources to come!