70+ Proposal Ideas to Get Inspired – Colorado and Denver Proposal Ideas

Need some inspiration for the best ways to propose? Here is a list of creative and romantic proposal ideas to help you get started brainstorming! 

Updated: April 26, 2023

Proposal Tips

Before we get to the idea list, I wanted to share some tips to keep in mind when brainstorming your ideas for the best way to propose!

  1. Don’t be afraid to enlist help! Although I do recommend keeping the number of people involved as small as possible and make sure you trust they won’t spill the beans!
  1. You can always combine some of the ideas below!
  1. If you’re looking for a good location, check out this post on the best places to propose in Colorado!
  1. If you get stuck or want more help with ideas, location options, or logistics, you can always get in touch! I love helping people create an amazing experience their partner will never forget. Whether you have a vision in mind that you just need help turning into reality, or if you have no idea where to start, I’m here to help as your proposal photographer and guide!

Denver proposal ideas

Denver Clock Tower

Enjoy a private dinner or bottle of champagne together at this unique Denver location!

Concert or hike at Red Rocks Amphitheater

Propose before or after a concert at Red Rocks Amphitheater, or even check out the many trails at the adjacent park.

Walk through the murals in RINO

Spend the afternoon exploring shops and restaurants or bars in RINO. You can walk through and admire the murals or find one ahead of time that you like and want to propose at.

Woman proposing to another woman in front of a picnic in Colorado for same sex LGBT mountain proposal

More Colorado proposal ideas

Hot springs

Colorado has many hot springs that would make for a very romantic place to propose. You can even make a weekend trip out of it visiting a location that is known for its hot springs.

Blonde woman swimming in a hidden and secret hot spring in Telluride, CO with mountains in the background

Go off roading

Colorado has a lot of fun off-roading trails that you could take to get to a beautiful, remote location! If you want privacy and adventure, this option would be great for you!

Scenic Colorado train ride

Another great option for your Colorado proposal is to take a ride on one of Colorado’s scenic trains. You can pop the question on board or before or after with the train ride being a fun way to celebrate!

Adventurous proposal ideas in the mountains

Hiking proposal

If hiking adventures are a big part of your relationship, consider a scenic hike to pop the question. You could choose a trail you’ve never visited before or one that holds special meaning in your relationship.

Skiing or Snowboarding proposal

Another mountain proposal option that will be adventurous and unforgettable!

Rock climbing (or ice climbing) proposal

Don’t forget about climbing! Especially if this is a part of your relationship, or even if it’s not! If rock climbing or ice climbing is something you and your partner have always wanted to try, you can always hire a rock climbing guide for a beginner’s adventure.

Private proposal ideas

Many people prefer the privacy of an at-home proposal, and here are some ideas you can try.

You can also read more about the benefits of an at home proposal and some tips here.

Breakfast in bed

If you’re looking for a cozy proposal option, make breakfast in bed for your partner. You can even get a coffee mug that says “Marry Me?” at the bottom for a fun surprise!

Hire a private chef for a romantic at-home dinner

You can set up a romantic candlelit dinner at home, but still make it extra special by hiring a private chef! This is a great twist on the idea of proposing at a restaurant for those that would prefer a more intimate proposal setting.

Proposing with balloons

Another fun option for proposing at home is to fill a room with balloons or balloon letters!

You could also tie photos of your favorite memories together on the balloon strings with one of the photos saying “Will You Marry Me?”

Airbnb or VRBO proposal

If you want a more private proposal option, but want something more exciting than just proposing at home, consider renting an Airbnb or VRBO for a weekend.

Proposing at a VRBO is a unique way to get a location with epic views that you’ll have all to yourself.

Romantic hotel room setup

If staying at a luxurious hotel is more your style, you can always set up something romantic like this in your hotel room. Below is an example that I set up for one client with rose petals and some of the partner’s favorite photos they had taken together. You could also enlist a friend for this type of help if you’re not hiring a proposal photographer.

Proposal setup in a hotel room with rose petals in the shape of a heart on the bed with photos of the couple and a framed drawing in the center

Glow in the dark stars

This is another at home proposal option that will be fun and unexpected!

Use glow in the dark stars to spell out “Marry Me?” on the ceiling of the bedroom and wait until you turn off the lights to go to bed that night!

Newly engaged couple kissing in front of La Fortuna waterfall in Costa rica after their destination proposal

More adventurous proposal ideas

Destination proposal

Destination proposals are becoming increasingly popular because they are just so memorable! You can plan a whole surprise trip or just make the proposal part a surprise. Either way, when you propose during your travel adventures, you’ll have some great pictures to look back on!

Helicopter proposal

Helicopter proposals are one of the coolest and most adventurous ways to propose! You can access some epic locations that you would never be able to get to otherwise, and make yourselves feel like James Bond in the process.

Hot air balloon proposal

Another epic option for an adventurous proposal would be setting up a hot air balloon ride. Propose right before and enjoy a scenic celebration ride afterwards!

Spring proposal ideas

Botanic gardens

Take a trip to your local botanic gardens and find a quiet place to pop the question. The spring flowers will add just the right amount of romance, not to mention it’s a great setting for photos!

Denver botanic gardens pond and plants and gazebo

Visit a greenhouse or butterfly garden

A greenhouse or butterfly garden is another great option for a scenic springtime proposal. Call around to check with some local spots to see if they would mind you setting something up that is a little more private! 

Easter egg hunt

Set up a private easter egg hunt with the ring inside one of the eggs. You could even combine this with the idea of a scavenger hunt where the first egg gives a clue to the second egg, and so on.

Proposal idea of framed hand made drawing of a circle of flowers and the words "Kerri Will You Marry Me?"

Summer proposal ideas

Go kayaking or paddle boarding

Kayaking or paddle boarding is a great activity to get outside and have some fun before or after you pop the question!


Popping the question at the end of a 4th of July fireworks celebration can make your proposal feel very special, especially if this type of celebration is one that you two do every year together.

Visit a pick-your-own berry farm or flower farm

This is another fun outing that will make for a great setting to propose in the summer.

Fall proposal ideas

Fall foliage 

Go leaf peeping together and stop at a scenic place to “take a picture” where you can pop the question!

Pumpkin carving proposal

Carve “Marry Me?” into your pumpkin, but just make sure you keep it hidden from your partner while you are carving!

Corn maze

Going through a corn maze is a fun fall activity that can make for a great proposal spot. Even better if you can coordinate with the owner to set up a “Will You Marry Me?” sign and decorations at a certain spot in the corn maze.

Leaf Raking

Make sure your partner isn’t watching while you do this one, but you can rake the leaves in your yard to spell “Marry Me?” for an unexpected proposal!

Man in a plaid shirt and woman in a red sweater kissing in an aspen and pine forest during the fall

Winter proposal ideas

Planning a winter proposal? Make sure to check out this post on winter proposals with can’t-miss tips and inspiration!

Write “Marry me?” in the snow

Get out your snow shovel and start creating a romantic message in the snow! Prepare some hot chocolate and bring your partner outside to see the surprise.

Build a snow-wingman 

Build a snowman together and secretly slip the ring on the branch hand. You can either wait for your partner to notice or gently hint to them to help spot the ring.

Snowmobile tour in the mountains

If you’re looking for a fun winter adventure, a snowmobile tour here in the mountains of Colorado might fit the bill for you. Especially if either of you are not big skiers or snowboarders, this can be a great option.

Go ice skating together

If your city or town has a nice ice skating rink in the winter, take your partner here and propose out on the ice!

Christmas proposal ideas 

Surprise from Santa

Wrap the ring as a gift under the tree or put it in your partner’s stocking and wait for Christmas to arrive!

Proposal tree ornament

Get a special Christmas tree ornament shaped ring box or an ornament that says “Will You Marry Me?” and hang it on the tree. Wait for your partner to notice or call their attention to it when you’re ready to propose. 

Christmas tree farm

Visit a Christmas tree farm for your proposal. Or you can even coordinate with the owner ahead of time to pick out a tree and decorate it with letters that spell “Marry Me?”

LGBT couple embracing each other and kissing on wedding day while the snow falls in Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado

Outdoor proposal ideas

Take a trip to a national park

This option is great for nature lovers and will give you a beautiful setting to propose to your partner.

Baseball Game and Cracker Jacks 

If you two love going to baseball games together but you aren’t feeling a jumbotron proposal, get a box of Cracker Jacks and sneak the ring inside as the “prize.”

Romantic picnic

This is a classic romantic outdoor proposal option. You can even step it up a notch by enlisting a friend (or your photographer!) to set things up for you ahead of time with some decorations.

In the photo below, I set up this snowy and romantic winter picnic for the couple along to just “happen upon” in this wooded area in Colorado.

Man proposing to woman in a snowy pine forest with a picnic in the background and a dog rolling in the snow

Indoor proposal ideas

Go to an art museum together

Ask your partner the big question while you two are admiring a beautiful work of art together.

Fortune cookie fake out

Do you and your partner love ordering take out food for your nights in?

You can order custom fortune cookies that say “Will You marry me?” and then switch them out while eating at a restaurant or in your take out. Your restaurant server might even be able to help you with this!

Propose with a photo album or slideshow

Put together a photo album or slide show of your favorite memories together. Then make the last picture a photo of the ring or you on one knee holding a “Will You Marry Me?” sign. This is not only a romantic way to propose but will leave you with a keepsake to remember the proposal.

Man proposing to woman with a sign on dog that says "Mommy will you marry Daddy?"

Cupcake setup

Work with a local bakery to create cupcakes that each say one word “Will” “You” “Marry” and “Me.” Have the bakery put them on display in the display case or in a box when you and your partner go to pick them up in the store.

Dog proposal ideas

Ring on the collar

Clip the ring onto the dog’s collar and suggest you two go for a walk with your pup! When your partner goes to put the leash on the collar, they’ll find the surprise!

“Marry Me” sign

Another adorable way to include your dog in your proposal is to create a “Will you marry (mom/dad)?” sign and hang it around your dog’s neck. 

Proposal ideas with kids

Will you marry me puzzle

Check out Etsy for ideas on custom puzzles. This could even include word searches or crossword puzzles!

“Marry Me” T-shirts

Having the kids wear “Will you marry (mom/dad)?” t-shirts is a fun way to include them in your proposal.

Funny ways to propose

Make a mini-film

Create a mini film of your proposal process! You could even do one The Office-style, complete with your visit to the jeweler, asking the parents, discussing plans with family and friends, etc.

Flash mob

If you think your partner would enjoy this kind of huge surprise, you can hire or enlist friends for a flash mob style proposal!

Meme proposal

Another funny but sweet option for a proposal is a montage of memes, such as this one.

Backyard proposal ideas

Scavenger hunt proposal

Set up a scavenger hunt with clues until they find the hidden ring! Make sure your clues are easy enough to solve and don’t create any frustration! You’ll also want to make sure the ring stays in a safe place if you are hiding it somewhere.

Leave a Trail

Leave a trail of notes or other goodies like individually wrapped chocolates leading to the backyard where you have your proposal set up ready!

Backyard camping proposal

Another romantic backyard proposal idea is to set up a tent, some string lights and a picnic. You can fall asleep under the stars together after you pop the question! Speaking of camping…

Marriage proposal ideas while camping

Take your partner glamping

If you two love being out in nature together but you want to step it up for your proposal, give glamping a try!

Campfire proposal

Camping is a great opportunity to take advantage of a romantic campfire. You can have a friend help you make a cozy set up with things like string lights, blankets, and pillows!

Check out this custom wood tree slice ring box that will work perfectly with an outdoorsy proposal!

S’more love

Another campfire proposal option is to put the ring between two marshmallows on a roasting stick. You will definitely need to have a plan for cleaning the marshmallow off the ring afterwards!

The “Dead Flashlight” 

Secretly take the batteries out of a large flashlight and stash the ring in the battery compartment. Hand the flashlight to your partner while you “look for the replacement batteries.” Ask him or her to open it and give you the dead batteries and wait for the surprise to unfold.

Rainy day proposal ideas

Spa Day 

Treat your partner to a day at the spa, and when he or she gets home, be waiting with flowers and the ring!


You’ll have to do some game rigging (e.g., maybe take the letters out ahead of time) but play words to hint what you’re up to like “marry” or “ring”.

Grab your umbrellas

Don’t let a rainy day spoil your proposal plans. Instead, grab your umbrellas and turn it into a classic rom-com moment. 

Classy proposal ideas

Revisit your first date location

Revisiting the spot where you had your first date or met your partner is a very sweet and classy option for popping the question!

Give a couples photo shoot as a gift that turns into your proposal

Another classy proposal option is to gift a couples photo session to your partner. Your photographer will be in on the secret so they can capture the moment without tipping off your partner! 

Two huge bonuses of this proposal idea: 1) you two will already be dressed up and 2) you’ll already have your engagement photos done!

Write a song or poem

If you’re lucky enough to be blessed with musical or poetic talent, write a song or poem for your partner to ask for their hand.

If you like the idea of a personalized song, but you aren’t able to do it yourself, you can hire a service like Songlorious who will write one for you!

Have a custom sign made

A custom sign made just to ask your partner the big question is something that will definitely be memorable for them, but you’ll also be able to keep it as a memento of the occasion.

You can find a sign like this here on Etsy and they will customize it for you. Note that the flowers and easel this client of mine got were separately ordered, but similar ones can be found here and here.

Vintage proposal ideas

Airport proposal

A classic idea is the airport proposal. You’ll be waiting with a sign when your partner returns home from their travels!

Time Capsule

Tell your partner you want to create a time capsule together. Pop the question and then, along with the other items you’ve gathered, include a polaroid picture or note about capturing your proposal!

Visit a castle or historic home together

If you two love history, consider popping the question at a castle or historic home in your area.

Winery proposal ideas

Visit a local winery together

If you two love wine (and who doesn’t?), take a trip to a local winery for a tasting or exploring the vineyard.

Trip to Napa

Or take it to the next level with a trip to Napa! You could even make it a surprise trip.

Get a bottle of wine with a custom label made 

If you want something a little more low key, find a winery that can make you a custom label for a bottle of wine. Pop the question by pouring him or her a glass and showing the bottle that says “Will you marry me?”

Couple sharing a romantic picnic with mimosas on a white blanket with mountains in the background

Proposal party ideas

Surprise party 

Gather your friends and family together for a surprise party, but instead of yelling “Surprise!” have them yell “Will you marry (your name)?”

T-Shirt Proposal

Throw a party at your house and enlist 3 friends to help by showing up to the party in t-shirts that each have one large word “Will”, “You”, and “Marry (Your name)”. Have them show up one after the other. If your partner still isn’t getting the hint, you can always have your friends line up!

Throw a backyard BBQ

If you’re looking for a more casual proposal or celebration option, put together a backyard BBQ. You could prepare your partner a burger or hot dog and write “Marry Me?” in ketchup or mustard!

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